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Blended learning is a combination of remote learning and traditional in-person education. The percent of time spent using one form of education vs. the other doesn’t matter. It will be considered blended learning if at least some part of the learning is done online and some part is done in-person at a physical location. However, students must also have some element of control regarding what they do and what pace they move at.

Once you have finished adding images to all questions, click on Submit Assignment to complete the assignment submission. On your Dashboard, select the course you’d like to view. This will take you to the list of assignments in that course that you’re able to submit. On this list, you will be able to see the status of the assignment, the release date, and the due date. If your instructor has enabled late submissions for the assignment, you’ll also see a late due date.

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We examine the move to digital textbooks, as well as the pros and cons of using online resources rather than traditional paper. A number of cases have recently been introduced nationwide regarding the use of Facebook and public school staff and students. We’ll take a look at the latest situations and ask once again where the line between public school and social media should be drawn.

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Students submit to Gradescope and have their work evaluated on demand. They can submit as many times as they want and get results back as soon as the autograder finishes running. If you update your autograder after students have submitted, you can rerun it on all submissions at once from the assignment’s Manage Submissions page. Programming assignments are available with institutional site licenses and for individual courses subscribed to Gradescope Complete. If you have any questions about getting access in your course, or want to experiment with the platform, please send us an email.

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