Students with no submission or with partially graded submissions will not be able to view their scores. By default, the email notification contains some basic assignment statistics, but you may choose to remove these if you’d like. Student submissions for multiple choice, select all, and short answer questions will be graded automatically. Short answer questions require an exact match to be marked correct. You can enable options for making the matching case-insensitive and to remove leading/trailing whitespaces on the assignment’s Settings page.

Under Template Visibility, you can select “Allow students to view and download the template” to let students view and download a blank copy of the homework after the assignment release date. You will need to give the assignment a title and upload a blank copy of the exam to help you create the assignment outline you’ll use for grading. By default, the Exam / Quiz assignment type is set up so that instructors can scan and submit their students’ work.

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Submissions uploaded between the due date and late due date will be marked ‘late’ on the Manage Submissions page, Review Grades page, and in the grading interface. Finally, you can use the button to remove individual users from your roster. Deleting students from the roster does not delete any submissions and grades they already had in the course.

Instructors, when you’re importing your roster to create accounts for students, you should try to use the same email addresses that your school uses for them. When students’ emails match, we can automatically link their accounts for them when they try to log in with school credentials. Otherwise, they will have to link their account first or email us to have their accounts merged.

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Please make sure the course number, your name and the page number appear on each page of the assignment you are submitting. Convert the homework document to Adobe PDF file format. Anyone serving as proctor must be able to fulfill that role objectively. Review the information below before selecting your proctor. Learn the ins and outs of taking exams and submitting homework with Engineering Online. Send it to us and our experts will be more than happy to help you out.

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Be intentional about what, why, where, and how; vary the where with what best serves the learning purpose, include the where, when, and how of practicing. Return to a typical week; bring back homework and familiar structures; gather data; compare. Once competencies and outcomes are established, design learning experiences with intention and attention to what happens where and how . Determine where online settings can serve learning intentions, e.g. an async discussion in a learning management system. Also, be sure to establish how to assess what students have learned and what to do if they fall short of learning outcomes. Have you used the same assignments and questions each semester?

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If you’d like to create extra credit questions, simply set the point value for these questions to be 0 on this page. You’ll then be able to disable the score ceiling during grading and award students points above 0 during grading. You can preview what the student submission interface will look like by going to the assignment’s Manage Submissions page and clicking New Submission. Note that this interface will automatically show the instructor whether the answer was correct or incorrect, but students will not see this unless you’ve published grades. During the allotted time and submission period, students can submit or update their answers as many times as they need to. You will only see students’ final answers for each question.